2020 ACSM Research Grant Recipients

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2020-2021 Research Grant Awardees

We congratulate our 2020-2021 award recipients on their achievement!

ACSM Foundation Doctoral Student Research Grant

Alec Chaves

Alec Chaves

East Carolina University

"Effect of Maternal Exercise on Offspring Skeletal Muscle Insulin Sensitivity and Lipid Handling"

Eric Leszczynski Headshot

Eric Leszczynski

Michigan State University
"Early Life Growth-Restriction Delays Motor Skill Development Reducing Physical Activity Across the lifespan."
Katie Kowolski

Katie Kowalski

Western University

"A mechanistic view of mental fatigue and motor performance: Implications of age and physical activity"

Biomotion Lab edit - Lauren

Lauren Erickson

University of Kentucky

"Effect of Blood Flow Restriction Training on Functional and Self-Reported Outcomes in Runners with Patellofemoral Pain"

tiffany zuniga

Tiffany Zuniga

University of Arizona
"The effect of exercise-conditioned serum on tumorigenic properties of K562 cells"

Landon Lempke

University of Georgia
"Quantifying Biomechanical Deficits During Functional Movements Throughout Concussion Recovery"
Camille Brightwell

Camille Brightwell

University of Kentucky
"Anterior cruciate ligament injury stimulates cytokine activation and morphological maladaptations in patellar tendon"
choeunhan edit

Eunhan Cho

Louisiana State University
"The Effect of Acute Exercise and Hypoxia on Natural Killer Cell Bioenergetics and Cytotoxic Function in Older Adults"

Daehyoung Lee

Indiana University Bloomington
"A Gamified Mobile App Intervention to Increase Physical Activity and Reduce Anxiety in Adults with Autism"
Holly Clarke

Holly Clarke

Florida State University

"Impact of Creatine Supplementation on Vascular Endothelial Function, Blood Flow and Functional Capacity"

Ryley Mancine OMS-II

Ryley Mancine

Michigan State University
"Developing and validating the Disordered Eating Screen for Athletes"
CE Trotter_Headshot 1 copy

Claire Trotter

Southern Methodist University
"Alterations to Muscle Sympathetic Nerve Activity in Multiple Sclerosis"

Research Endowment

St Laurent

Christine St Laurent

University of Massachusetts Amherst
"The Benefits of Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Physical Activity on Sleep and Memory in Preschoolers"
Harvi Hart

Harvi Hart

Western University
"Walk smarter not harder"

Carl V. Gisolfi Memorial Fund


Jessica Freemas 

Indiana University Bloomington
"Fluid Regulation in Women and Men During Physical Work in the Heat"

Clinical Sports Medicine Endowment

Aaron Sinnott

Aaron Sinnott

University of Pittsburgh
"A Physiological and Clinical Comparison between Cardiovascular Exercise Modes Following Sport-Related Concussion"

NASA Space Physiology Research Grant

K_Smith Headshot 19 (1)

Kyle Smith

University of Arizona
"Exercise Training As A Countermeasure For Anti-Tumor Immune Dysregulation Due To Isolation And Confinement Stress"

Dr. Raymond A. Weiss Research Endowment


Chueh-Lung Hwang

University of Illinois at Chicago
"Blood Pressure Response to Maximal Exercise in Young Adults: The Adverse Effect of Repeated Binge Drinking"

Paffenbarger-Blair Fund for Epidemiological Research on Physical Activity

welch_website picture

Whitney Welch

Northwestern University
"Location-Scale Modeling to Understand the Relationship Between Physical Activity Habits and Cardiometabolic Health"

World Athletics Research Grant

Amadeo Salvador edit

Amadeo Salvador

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
"Identifying the ideal carbohydrate intake dose for wheelchair marathoners"